2011 Advent Calendar

Canola Field at Sunset

7 : Canola Field at Sunset

July 18, 2011

These fields are about a 10 minute drive from my house. Sometimes, when I notice a nice sunset brewing, I'll grab my camera and head out to see what I can get. I never plan to go to a particular spot, just drive until I decide to stop.

At this time of year, the canola is in bloom. That was a bonus as I've been meaning to get out and get some canola shots for a few years.

The downside to this trip: worst summer for mosquitoes we've had in years. I actually considered not going. It didn't matter how good this sunset looked, I would get eaten alive trying to get a picture out there.

I dedided to chance it. At the first stop, I took a few shots, then hurried back to the safety of the vehicle. I thought about taking any further pictures from the van, but that would just let the mosquitoes in.

At the second stop, I spent most of the time shooting while looking west. There are a number of images that were trashed because of the blurry mosquitoes that were in the frame.

I was ready to pack it in, and was driving when I noticed the fields to the east and the tire tracks leading to the utility towers. When I got out and looked through the viewfinder, the tower fit perfectly in the space between the clouds and the horizon.

Then came the airplane.

The Edmonton International Airport is just to the southwest and you always see lowing flying planes out here on their final approach. I took 6 shots as he flew from left to right.

The orginal image isn't much to look at, but with some adjustments, the clouds and the canola get some contrast and the plane stands out just enough.

If you look closely on the right side of the image, just above the power line, you can see the blur of a mosquito.

Canola Field 1
The original without adjustments. This is looking east.

Canola Field 2
Same spot, looking south along the road.

Canola Field 3
Same spot, looking north and west with the sun sinking.

Canola Field 4
On the way home. Looking south across a different field.

Canola Field 5
Same spot as the shot above. Looking west this time.

Canola Field 6
This was the first spot I stopped. There was a road cleared through the field. I was trying to set the photo up so that the clouds and road touch at the horizon.