2011 Advent Calendar

Banff Springs Hotel

6 : Banff Springs Hotel

May 20, 2011

This image got me back to taking pictures with the iPhone again.

It was a May long weekend trip to Banff. We stayed at the Springs.

I had purschased Hipstamatic for the iPhone quite a while ago. I tried it out but never really got into it. It seemed slow and clunky at times. Right before this trip, I had been doing a little testing with Instagram, and while some images were ok, I never really found the results good enough to do more.

Right after we checked in, I had my iPhone handy, so I snapped a couple pictures of the boys in the lobby. We then had to walk outside to get to another wing where our room was. On the way, I stopped, looked up and took this shot and another as we walked.

Hipstamatic takes a few seconds to 'develop' the images, so I didn't see the results right away.

When I finally did download the image that night, the Hipstamatic film and lens combo were the perfect look and feel for the old castle. I spent the rest of the weekend taking as many shots as I could using the same film and lens.

I ended up being quite pleased with the results, with 2 more shots from the weekend still to come in this calendar.

Banff Springs Hotel
The 'other' shot. Taken immediately after the one above.

Banff Springs Hotel
The hotel from Bow Falls.

Banff Springs Hotel
Chairs in Riverview Lounge.

Banff Springs Hotel
Even though the hotel is owned by Fairmont, you can still find the old Canadian Pacific logo.