2011 Advent Calendar

Backyard Rink 1

4 : Backyard Rink 1

March 11, 2011

There are a number of shots from the backyard rink that I really like. This one may be my favourite.

I knew exactly what I wanted from the shot. Get Craig at an angle where the light was right behind him for the cool 'breathing smoke' effect.

The challenge in trying to get this shot is Craig: he's not out for a photo shoot. He does whatever he feels like.

Whatever. I set up in the right spot and got a few shots. This one looked good on the LCD and I had high hopes.

Viewing it on the computer showed it wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but I think it's the imperfections that make it work.

I tried a number of different treatments, and grainy black and white seems to work best.

First attempt.


More breathing out, please.

Orginal version of the shot.

The shot with colour adjustments.