2011 Advent Calendar

Day 22: Hitting the Ice

22 : Hitting the Ice

March 22, 2011

I planned this shot for a few months.

I knew we had one last game coming up on Terwillegar A and Craig is always the last one to come out on the ice. I figured the huge scoreboard on the A rink and him entering the ice would be the shot.

The day before, we had a game at Crestwood. I decided to do a practice run, just to make sure I had the right lens, angle and set up for when he came out.

Crestwood is a little different than Terwillegar. It's one of the older rinks. Pretty much a barn with dressing rooms attached. The dressing rooms barely fit 13 novice players.

I did a couple test shots of the open gate to get the exposure and frame set up and then tried to figure out how I would follow the team out of the dressing room, through the tiny lobby and to the ice.

When the time came, I followed them out and managed to get 2 shots as he went on to the ice. This is the first one.

When I got home and looked at it, I knew I wasn't even going to try for the shot the next day. This shot ended up having everything: Craig hitting the ice, the line of the lights on the ceiling, the Canadian flag and just a piece of the scoreboard.

Hitting the ice 1
The first test shot, before the team goes out. From this, I decide to go with a portrait instead of landscape shot.

Hitting the ice 2
The image before adjustments.

Hitting the ice 3
The second shot that didn't work. He's on the ice already.

The scoreboard at TCRC A. The original plan was to get the shot with this in the background above Craig as he came out.