2011 Advent Calendar

Day 21: Dr. Jones?

21 : Dr. Jones?

August 22, 2011

Indiana Jones? Nope, just Craig.

The boys found these hats at the Wal-Mart in Spokane and just had to have them. I think they were 3 bucks each, so we said what the heck.

They wore these hats everywhere and the comments wouldn't stop.

"Hey, nice hats" someone would always say. The boys would just say "thank you" and go about their business. I tried to teach them to tip their hats to the ladies, but it didn't catch on.

This shot is from our stop at Panorama. We were down at Toby Creek one morning and like the always do, the boys were throwing rocks into the creek.

I did several shots with the Canon, then switched to Hipstamatic on the iPhone. This was just an attempt to get the camera down low and get Dr. Jones—I mean Craig—between the camera and the sun.