2011 Advent Calendar

Day 14: Canada Day

14 : Canada Day

July 1, 2011

There are 2 days a year where our family tradition is to play road hockey: Christmas day and Canada Day.

The Christmas tradition started back when I was a kid. We'd play with anyone that was around, no matter what the weather. I remember some days playing when it was -30 in Fort McMurray.

Canada Day started in Edmonton with our kids. At first it was small. We'd have some people over, have a barbeque and play some road hockey.

In 2011, we expanded and ended up having 40 people show up. Teams were picked and we had a tournament. Fortunately, someone had pinnies in their vehicle so everyone was able to tell who was on their team.

The spectators and teams that are not in action hang out on the driveway.