2011 Advent Calendar

Day 10: The Swingset

10 : The Swingset

May 6, 2011

Before you read any further, look at the picture for an extra second or two. Notice anything? I didn't either when I first looked at it.

My original intention with this shot was to get the girl on the swing at the top of her arc against the sky. I purposely tried to leave a lot of sky in the picture and to centre the swingset in the frame.

I ended up taking 7 shots. When I went back to look at all of them, this one had the best 'swing' pose. I think she's right at the top and starting to come back down. A few of the others have her either still going up, or on her way back down. And the hair. Notice how it's flying forward? None of the other shots were like it.

Even though the swing part was perfect, I never really did anything with the image.

When I went back to look at it a few months later, I looked close and realized there's a lot going on in the picture. You don't notice right away, but there are 9 people in the shot (probably 10).

Moving right to left:

Person on the bench, looking off into the field.

Lady with her hand on her hip and sunglasses. She's pushing the girl on the swing.

Blonde lady pushing another swing.

The child on the swing.

The girl on the dress, watching the child on the swing.

Another child on a swing, slightly blocked by the swing set.

The girl on the swing in the air. The original reason for the picture.

Just below her and to the left, there's someone with their back turned. There's a spinning structure behind. I'm guessing person #10 is on it.

Another person pushing an empty swing (can you see it?)