2011 Advent Calendar

First Swing

1 : First Swing

April 25, 2011

Spring time. Our first trip to the park.

I first posted a version of this photo to Instagram immediately after taking it. When I went back to look at it for inclusion here, I looked at the others that were shot at the same time.

Even though I still like the original Instagram version, I found a shot that might be even better. I guess I was lucky my Instagram settings were saving the original images before applying the filters.

This shot still has all the original elements I wanted to capture: the chains, the clouds and the trail from the jet. It also had a more defined shadow of Craig directly against the sun. The best part that wasn't in the other version: you can make out the outline of his face looking towards the sky.

I still liked the look the first version had from the Instagram filters. Instead of pulling this shot back into Instagram to add a filter, I made the adjustments manually to give this one the same effect. The only piece I left off was the border.

The orginal Instagram photo with filters and crop applied.

The original as it was saved to the iPhone camera roll. Craig is just about to jump off. Notice my finger in the bottom left corner prior to the crop.