2011 Advent Calendar

If Lego, the NHL and Star Wars can have advent calendars, why can't I?

Same idea as last year: one image a day for 25 days.

The difference for this version: last year I had a full library of images to choose from. This year, it's my favourite images from the 2011 calendar year.

You'll notice some obvious themes recurring in this version: hockey and iPhone shots.

Overall, I took fewer pictures during 2011, but I ended up taking more hockey shots and doing more with apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram.

Also different this year, I'll try to add more details about the story behind the image. Some are pure one-off shots. Others have an entire sequence—and somewhere in there I found an image that worked.

Twitter is a good place to find out when the latest images are posted each day.

Enjoy and happy holidays.