2010 Advent Calendar - 25 of my favourite images

Dec 19, 2010

19. Chairlift into the clouds. August 11, 2009.

Less than perfect weather at Panorama usually means a chance for some good pictures.

We woke up to rain and fog/low clouds, but we were prepared. We put on our rain gear and headed out. After some mini golf and hot chocolate, we decided to head up the mountain on the chairlift. From the bottom, you couldn't see very far as the chairlift disappeared into the fog. The kids thought it would be cool to take a ride into the clouds.

I kept the camera handy - trying to get this type of shot on the way up. I couldn't quite get what I wanted. We hopped off and took a quick walk around at the top of the lift, but there wasn't much to see. We got back on and I caught this shot on the way down.