2010 Advent Calendar - 25 of my favourite images

Dec 10, 2010

14. 2010 Canadian Derby. August 21, 2010.

I used to enjoy betting on the horses. Mostly the ones at Northlands Park. A few of the other 'big' races, too. However, over the years, other things have taken up my spare time.

This year, by chance, I happened to be in town for the Canadian Derby. I grabbed a racing form, some cash, my camera, and headed to the races.

After a few races, I lost interest in the betting and started shooting. The crowd was quite large by the time the Derby rolled around. I grabbed some interesting crowd shots and then found a spot at the rail for the race.

I wanted to try and capture the motion of the race - mostly by slowing down the shutter speed to get the blur of the horses as they went by. This was the second time the horses passed by. #4 in the picture, No Hesitation, is the eventual winner.